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We're here to lend a hand with those important business projects that day-to-day life gets in the way of. We also provide that important objective, outside view that only a 3rd party can have.

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This is one of our key services and can be the most beneficial to our clients.
Having identified your biggest costs, we work closely with your team to create partnerships with your suppliers to drive down costs.


ISO implementation & SUPPORT

If you are looking to set up an ISO system with a view to accreditation or if you are already accredited, we can offer help.

We can help you build a system from scratch, help you improve your existing system or provide an extra pair of hands and an objective outside view. The latter is important if you want help to perform internal audits in readiness for your external audit from your accreditation body.


Business Improvement Projects

The potential to improve your business processes sits dormant within your workforce. By undertaking a business improvement project we aim to unlock that potential. There are several reasons why having a third party come in to your business to achieve this works. Firstly we do not know the process so have no pre-conceptions about it. Secondly, we don't know your employees so they are far more likely to contribute without fear of prejudice or repercussions. A key factor is that we are giving 100% of our time and effort to the project and not trying to run the rest of the business at the same time. We are being paid for doing this so there is no danger of the project stalling before completion.


Most companies have some specialist IT requirements based on their business specific processes but who looks after their general IT requirements? Of course there is a plethora of businesses offering just that and finding a good one to work with can be a minefield. The other problem is that IT companies are rarely completely independent and unbiased in that they sell or have partnerships with specific brands.
John Spencer has 35 years experience of being responsible for IT implementation in a business environment. He is completely independent of any brand or supplier and is only interested in helping to create systems that work and offer value for money. Years of practice and experience along with endless patience give him the edge when it comes to training people of any level of competence (even senior managers!)


other services

Lean Projects

When organising lean or other business improvement activities an external independent participant can help. Without having any pre-conceptions about processes or team members we provide a completely objective view and bring different experience to the tasks to be undertaken.

Supplier Surveys

What do your suppliers think of you as a customer. We can undertake anonymised surveys to see how you can improve your desirability as a client.

We can also assist in supplier evaluation activities from creating tenders to site visits to Service Level Agreements.

Employee Surveys

There are lots of reasons why you might need to seek the views of your employees. The trouble is you cannot do this objectively or anonymously within your own organisation.

If you would like to know what the true views or pearls of wisdom lie within your workforce, we can conduct an independent survey to find out.

Business Intelligence

We have a lot of experience in producing business reports in various ways. Currently we are getting excellent results from Microsoft Power BI which presents data in an exciting multi dimensional format. Ask for futher details.

Process Analysis

Business processes evolve over time and after a while can become so entrenched that changes become difficult. Processes are also often created to suit individuals who like to do things their own way and there is a reluctance to make changes to avoid 'upsetting the apple cart'. An independent and objective view of these processes can be the catalyst needed to rethink the norm and re-introduce continuous improvement.

Equipment Evaluation

Choosing new equipement for your business is often in part an emotional process. A good example is that of buying a new car. If we took the emotion out of that then ultimately everyone would buy the same car for any given purpose.

What we can provide is a completely objective evaluation of a potential new investment based on costs versus benefits without any pre-conceptions. This can disarm your supplier who will have to try a bit harder given that their brand value will mean very little to us.

IT Training

IT training is often delivered by experts. Experts should know their product inside out but what they often lack is experience of using their product in the real world.

Having been responsible for business IT infrastructures and getting the best out of them all his working life, John has a wealth of knowledge on real world application of IT and software in a business environment. He has also been responsible for imparting this knowledge to a wide variety of people from young whizz kids to old computer phobics. We are happy to deliver training on a one to one basis or to a group of any size

Internal Documentation

Costing Analysis

Do you know what your costs are and if so are your costings accurate. We can give you an objective analysis of whether you are getting it right or if there is room for improvement

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Our History

We met whilst working in the printing industry and spent many years working together on a multitude of projects. During this time we came to know each others strengths and each covered different aspects of running the company. We have made lots of useful contacts that enable us to call on other specialists where required. Outside of work we have also a shared interest in mountain biking and have spent many hours thrashing the trails together. Given all these synergies, we work extremely well together as well as individually as required.